Facebook Page Management Course

From the fundamentals of page building to understanding the importance of YOUR recurring post, the importance & relevance of content, to the associated promotional content & how effectively search engine optimization plays an integral role in your overall reach, we will cover almost everything that YOU need to understand as an individual/business owner for managing YOUR respective Facebook page effectively

We will also cover the ways to list your product/services and respective offers on your page and how your uniquely designed images and videos help YOU in your overall brand building. There will be a Live demo session and an extensive round of Q/A during the course to cater for your learning experience during the course
Course Outline

2-Day Online Course


Facebook Page Management

Scheduled on

24th & 25th March 2022

Duration: 02 hours/day Online LIVE session

7.30pm to 9.30pm Pakistan Standard Time


PKR 3499/- (per participant)

Register by 20th March and get early bird discount fee of PKR 2999/-

In this course, there will be a series of activities & engagements and you will be guided in a step-wise manner so YOU can UNDERSTAND the importance of facebook page and how it can help YOU in your business aspirations?

Some key benefits of effective facebook page management includes:

  1. Can help you in reaching billion of users
  2. Lowering your overall marketing expenses
  3. Gaining in-depth audience insights
  4. Target specific audience
  5. Increase website traffic
  6. Build brand loyalty and much more.

You will be guided through content, promotion & optimization methodologies for managing your respective facebook pages effectively and we will also cover the impact of uniquely designed images and videos on your overall brand building.


You will be educated in a structured manner so all fundamentals of facebook page management can be easily comprehended and through live demonstration YOUR conceptual understanding gets more sharpen. You will be then requested to work on your respective pages and relevant queries/concerns will be addressed during the Q/A session.


We will also cover the impact of product listings, your offers, your services and the overall audience engagement tactics including timely and effective posting. The Overall course is segmented into four modules

  • Module 01: Content

It consists of 04 attention seeking topics including Visual Appearance, Written Information, Interactive Posts & Audience connect

  • Module 02: Optimization & Analysis

It consists of 03 topics including Keyword Research, Contact Matrix Expansion & Page insights

  • Module 03: Promotion

It consist of 02 topics including BOOST & META Business Manager

  • Module 04: Live Demonstration Activity
What's in it for you?
  1. Content: They say content is king in current era, learn to use the right content at right place and get audience attention.
  2. Audience Connect: Your page provides you resources/tools for audience connect, learn and understanding how to capitalize on it.
  3. Optimization: Understand how optimization works and how effective keywords can help your page reach.
  4. Insights: Communication is a 2 -way process, pages communicate with US through insights and share their story about happening to them. Learn to use these insights for your advantage.
  5. Promotion: Understand the power of promotion, gain deeper insights on how boost works and explore Meta Business Manager.
  6. Live Demonstration: Lastly, we will take you though in a step-wise manner by building a page from scratch.
About the Facilitators

Syed Faizan Ahmad is a Business Strategist. He holds a 11 years progressive experience on driving results from Business Strategies. Commercial delivery is his forte and he has helped companies through implementing Business Strategies in driving results. Apart from his deal making contributions he also holds expertise in optimizing OPEX through Multi-Million Dollar Value Savings Projects by Integration of Supply Chain through Strategic Supply Chain Planning. Faizan has been a motivational speaker for the past 13 years. He is a certified Digital Marketer and associated with Social Media since 2019.

Mohammed Haroon Shaikh holds engineering degree from NED university and MBA from IBA and certified project management professional (PMP) from project management institute (PMI). He has 11 years of Professional experience in one of the largest conglomerates of Pakistan. His expertise includes Maintenance, Projects, Risk Management and Business Development. Haroon has independently lead projects upto $1 Million and has been part of projects of upto $150 million. Haroon was also part of one of the largest SAP implementation projects in MENA region. In addition to his professional expertise, Haroon is an e-commerce enthusiast, a certified digital marketer and google ads fundamentals with a working experience of 3 years in digital marketing

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