Trainings / Facilitations

We are covering multiple programs through trainings and facilitation Segment

  1. Customized Trainings: Need assessment is conducted with the organization through our assessment process to understand the training requirements and filtering out the wants. This program is customized in nature and jointly developed by our team while working in close coordination with respective organization.
  2. Workshops: Depending upon the client requirements, we conduct workshops both in-house and through a mutually agreed external location.
  3. Facilitator led- Sessions: Based on the Requirements, we are currently working with Individuals, Institutions, and Corporates to cater their requirements for facilitator led sessions
  4. Corporate Learning Experiences: Our journey of corporate learning experiences is relatively new but based on the collective experience of team working with us we are not only delivering to a wide range of customers but also creating a transformation from the conventional learning methodology. Our learning interventions include but not limited to:
  5. Functional Excellence Program

- Skill-based Learning

- Corporate Consultations

- Leadership Learning Programs

- Risk Management

- Health, Safety, Security and Environment

6. Signature Programs

Following are some of our signature programs:

- Need based sales training

- Coaching Leadership

- Me as Parent

- Re-wire your mind

7. Motivational talk

Discussion through a selected audience around any given topic as per the Institution/Organization requirement to create an inspirational impact for the audience at large that is helpful for them to overcome their limitations and prosper, shine and grow.