Re-write your Story

Conducted in January 2021, this workshop was designed for three days. Key Learnings were

  1. Express Yourself: Participants were directed to express themselves convincingly
  2. Self-Reflection: An activity around self-reflection had helped the participants understand the impact they can create in their life
  3. Your Excuse to life? Together we have understood what’s stopping them?
  4. Dream Big: Everybody want to convert their dreams into reality, we had explored it in a different way
  5. Your Goals: Their real goals were identified through a series of engaging activities
  6. Pick you Pen: They were asked tasked to document a new story for themselves with much more clarity and solutions to their excuses

Re-wire Your Mind

Conducted in April 2021, this workshop was designed for single day. Key Learnings were

  1. Power of Brain: Know the power of our audience thought process and understood their emotions
  2. Be Positive in Life: Understood the impact of positive physiology & Empowering beliefs
  3. Find your Purpose: We had explored their purpose and focused on having healthy goals in life
  4. Be a Better You: Don’t compare yourself to others, as your story is unique.
  5. Strengthen Your Relationships: Have better listening and communication skills to build & strengthen your relationships
  6. Physical Strength: Lets understand what are you feeding your machine? Align your mental strength with your physical body requirements and prosper ahead.

Power of Positive Mindset

Conducted in June 2021, this workshop was designed for two days. Key Learnings were

  1. Positivity Around You: Understand the impact of external events & Positive communication on your performance
  2. Think Constructively: Impact of positivity on relationships and gain insights into analyzing others mindset. Explore the 6-Thinking hats
  3. Human Performance: Gain insights on impact of positivity/negativity on human performance & ways to overcome negativity at workplace
  4. Mind Re-conditioning: Program your brain, change your focus and Take control of your thoughts
  5. Changing Belief: Understand the power of empowering beliefs, learn about Changing yourself and unlearn negativity
  6. Mindfulness: Finding Solutions through positive mindset, understand what your emotions say? & How negativity impacts your overall health?

Screen Addiction

Two Separate Sessions were conducted in Oct 2021; this workshop was designed for a single day in respective session. Key Learnings were:

  1. Addiction & its sources: Understand the impact of sources of screen addiction in your overall productivity.
  2. Stopping Cues: Watch out for stopping ques.
  3. Questions for Change: Understand the questions for change and reflect by responding with answers from your inner self
  4. Why do we What we do: Think a bit deeper into the concept and understand what drives our actions.
  5. Recovery Journey: Understand the power of your will, goal-setting and focus that propels your recovery journey.
  6. Mindfulness: Finding Solutions through fresh mind through meditation