Follow Your Destiny

To begin my assay of forging thoughts into written piece of matter, I would like to initiate things by stating a very famous phrase from Paulo Coelho’s Masterpiece Novel THE ALCHEMIST:

“If you really want some thing, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

Most of you may haven’t gone through the novel but must have heard this phrase in a Bollywood Movie “Om Shanti Om” in which the Actor, Shahrukh Khan had tried his best to deliver these phrases repeatedly in order to convince his fellows that nothing is impossible in this amazing world of wonders, only dedicated efforts & surplus devotion is required.

When we talk about destiny, most people don’t know where they are heading? Why they are following an undefined path? They themselves don’t have the right answer. They just want their fate to take control of their lives at a certain point & they wont hesitate to think just for a blink of an eye why to let fall their lives to pave its own way on an unidentified rather obnoxious track.

Every individual has his/her different destiny/goals/ambitions in life, so he/she must strive to accomplish them; an utmost effort is necessary which can awake you on the morning of the Red Letter day of your lives. Relying on your fate & expecting it to come fruitful/God gifted to you is the world’s biggest Lie & candidly speaking a larger majority of us dont invest time in realizing our own self and our own potential.

Some of our deprived minds do consider the option of perceiving their interest in a defined path & follow their passion ,most of them do try very hard in the beginning & achieve some segment of what destined to them that was perhaps so-called as the beginners luck but in order to reveal the real endeavor you must not forget your destiny at all stages of your struggle & wont let yourself down at odd circumstances .Many a times people end up their regime just a step before their final destination. For example a programmer tries various inputs in order to programmed his/her work the way he/she covet it appears to be, but unfortunately after 100 unsuccessful attempts he/she fell dishearten & left all the hard work he/she had done in reaching this stage .On contrary there might be a possibility that if he/she had tried one more time, it might end up being a triumphant stab.

Within a Nutshell I can conclude that verve has no limitations, try till the last breath because it had been observed that you can reap the crop immediately after the most shedding season.