Investment Required "attention to details"

If you have plans to invest, where will you be investing and what does that mean for you? These question arose in my mind before writing this article. Everyone of us is very clear that he/she has to invest in something but the other 02 questions are a bit difficult to answer spontaneously, because hearing from some one the word “Invest” blinks an image of capital, wealth ,Money in every one’s mind, how ever in this phrase I refer it to some one’s secondary goals/options which are apart from the conventional job/business/services/consulting etc.

I had taken views from many people before squandering a quality of time in assembling my thoughts on a document; I had almost received 70% of the replies still in favor of Financial Investment, so the utmost idea of revealing the hidden perceptions of human beings went wrong here or I must interpret it in a better way by stating that our nation has been affected dreadfully by the Financial instability that everyone want Money in every segment of their lives , at every road they drive ,at every shackle they strive.

How ever the other 30% of the people were completely different from the ones enlisted before, within them there are people who have a vision to help the meager ones, its more like investing in philanthropic deeds by either educating children or doing other similar kind of work for the betterment of society. These motivated minds believe that humanitarian acts are exceptional of all good deeds, so they fritter their time in working for the cause of humanity.

Another class of people believed strongly that the utmost hurdle to every individuals Success rate is Time; so they are of the opinion to motivate & counsel their juniors/youngsters by investing their valuable amount of time with them so they can lead their lives successfully. Some of the people are pretty much interested in investing their struggle to fragment their thought on their passion which they are currently not following due to family issues, wont handle pressure well, afraid to lose etc & the list goes on & on.

Meanwhile during compilation of all these different thoughts, when you look closely to the core ideology rendered by every one, you will find that there are connections between these different thoughts. I mean seriously, Yes, i'll explain through a bit more elaboration but how could it be possible? Every one is thinking alike? The answer to all these theoretical developed sudden questions is a BIG No, every one has a different way to think & perceive things but what I had mentioned above is “IDEOLOGY” yes there are some connections & inter relations between these thoughts.

Every individual has a certain degree of feelings/wishes that remained unfulfilled or wont be accomplished, these parameters capture an amount of space internally ,practically not possible to witness because when we natter about feelings ,we are actually living in the WORLD OF HEART not in the World of Mind. These empty holes create a habit to feel things; These people on the first stage are keen to attain some thing in lieu of what they had already missed or will be missing in their lives, its sort of a positive outburst of emotions ,at this stage the priority levels are not aligned in accomplishing their desires but they have some regrets which needs to be fulfilled. Second thoughts states that in order to achieve some thing human struggle is related to a confined scope, target or destiny so in other words the way is same however the path to pave is quite different & here I must add a very common phrase which states that “Where there is a will, there is a way”. So if you relate back to the core ideology of INVESTING, yes it exists but the willingness varies based on circumstances.

Now comes the last question, What this investment means to you? There is a common saying that "Don't look in the streets where you dont want to go" it clarified that we need to conduct a self-analysis of ourself before attempting our plans to invest. Its more like, completely going through the investment drive through the lens of "Attention to detail" before pursuing it. I would like to sum up my prolong debate by stating that what ever you investing or planning to invest, invest it with faith within yourself & with clarity of mind& an optimistic answer to the question listed above. People with wavered nature do Invest, without figure out why they are doing so? Or what’s the focal idea of investment looks like? & what it means to them? This leads to a constant failure in making decisions & managing things in any abrupt situations. Be focused & make the most of your life by investing appropriately.