Power of Positive Mindset

Learn to use power of your Positive Mindset, understand the positivity around you, think constructively, give consideration to key elements of human performance, Re-condition your thoughts, change your beliefs through unlearning negativity & be mindful of the solution space in your environment










In this workshop, you will be tasked to explore POSITIVITY around yourself through a series of activities & engagements and you will be guided in a step-wise manner so YOU can achieve a positive mindset in life that will help you grow and develop exponentially versus your PEERS

Section 01: Behavioral Attributes It consists of three Modules focusing on Positivity around you, think constructively and Human Performance

Section 02: It consists of three Modules focusing on Mind-Reconditioning, Changing Beliefs and Mindfulness.

What's in it for you?

  1. Positivity Around You: Understand the impact of external events & Positive communication on your performance
  2. Think Constructively: Impact of positivity on relationships and gain insights into analyzing others mindset. Explore the 6-Thinking hats.
  3. Human Performance: Gain insights on impact of positivity/negativity on human performance & ways to overcome negativity at workplace.
  4. Mind Re-conditioning: Program your brain, change your focus and Take control of your thoughts.
  5. Changing Belief: Understand the power of empowering beliefs, learn about Changing yourself and unlearn negativity.
  6. Mindfulness: Finding Solutions through positive mindset, understand what your emotions say? & How negativity impacts your overall health?

About the Facilitators

Shabeen Mazhar is a Mindset & Performance Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy & Certified Trainer. She is a Mindset & Performance coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy by ABNLP (American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming), and a Certified Trainer from Carnelian. As a trainer her areas of expertise are Emotional wellbeing, enhancing self-awareness, Positive Mindset, Personal leadership & Effectiveness, Goal setting, Stress and Change Management

Syed Faizan Ahmad is a Business Strategist. He holds a 10+ years progressive experience on driving results from Business Strategies. Commercial delivery is his forte and he has helped companies through implementing Business Strategies in driving results. Apart from his deal making contributions he also holds expertise in optimizing OPEX through Multi-Million Dollar Value Savings Projects by Integration of Supply Chain through Strategic Supply Chain Planning. Faizan has been a motivational speaker for the past 12 years and his dream is to help in realizing their true potential.


PKR 3,500/- (per participant) (Early bird discount of PKR 500 if registration done before June 10th)

Dates : 16 and 17-June-2021 (Online LIVE interactive session, 2 hours/day)

7.30PM to 9.30PM (PST)

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