Selling & Negotiation

Training Outline

Selling and negotiation are two essential skills in the world of business. Whether you're closing a deal with a new client or negotiating the terms of a contract, the ability to effectively sell and negotiate can make all the difference.

In selling, this means presenting your product/service in a way that it addresses the customer's pain points and delivers your promise. In negotiation, it means finding common ground and entering into an agreement that satisfies both buyer & seller.

At their core, both selling, and negotiation involve understanding the needs and filtering out requirements of the customer/negotiator and finding a mutually beneficial solution.

Effective selling and negotiation require a combination of skills including but not limited to effective communication and strategic thinking, which we will cover in this training. By mastering these skills, you can build stronger relationships with customers and partners, close more deals, and achieve greater success in your career.

The core objectives of this training program are to enhance participants understanding of sales fundamentals and negotiation techniques. Investing in selling & negotiation skills helps organization(s) stay competitive, it empowers their sales team, facilitates better customer support, and ultimately helps them in new business acquisition, these skills further help in developing result-oriented sales professional(s) & analytical thinking functional teams for continuously delivering higher value for organization.

Apart from core sales teams and procurement teams, this program can also facilitate key internal stakeholders including business finance, HR account Managers, RTM/GTM or B2B/B2C Marketing Managers

Trainers Profile

Syed Faizan Ahmad


5th July 2023

0900 to 1800 hours


Regent Plaza & Convention Centre, Karachi

Snacks & Lunch included


PKR 15,000*/- (per participant)

3 participants (PKR 12,000*/ participant)

5 participants (PKR 10,000*/ participant)

*(prices are exclusive of 13% SST)