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Coaching & Personal Development Consultation

Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching & Personal Development Consultation

We are facilitating Life Coaching Sessions & Leadership Coaching Sessions to individuals, Groups of people and Organizations.

Life Coaching is a type of wellness exercise which helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain better results, improve on certain aspects and remains continuously involve in life events happily. In Life coaching, we can help you develop your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming those obstacles.

Leadership coaching provides a very engaging career development experience by assisting leaders develop valuable new skills that can open up new opportunities for promotion or advancements in their careers. At the same time, coaching helps leaders become better leaders while still doing managerial roles, which can boost employee engagement and retention throughout the organization.

We are covering Personal Development Consultation through our own team and our esteemed collaborating partners. Again, this is also

Our Personal development consultation program is based on the individual requirements, we conduct F2F/Virtual Sessions and cater requirements on the basis of our Strategic themes: Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Strategic Management, Marketing, Selling & Negotiation, E-Commerce, Conscious Parenting & Motivation. Our Team Profile is listed below

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Trainings and Sessions

Customized Trainings, Workshops, facilitator Sessions, Corporate Learning Experiences:

We facilitate customized Trainings for both institutions & Organizations depending on the requirements.

We also conduct virtual & face to face both type of workshops for individuals, groups and Organizations.

Some of our recently conducted events are captured in the Events Tab.

We are also making in-roads to the organizations for catering their activity-based learning requirements

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Social Media Marketing

We are currently offering enlisted below services in the social media management category:

1. Facebook Page/Group Management

2. Instagram Account Management (Individual/Business)

3. LinkedIn Account Management (Individual/Company Page)

4. YouTube Channel Management

5. Email Marketing

6. Website Design, Development and Management

We have a dedicated team of digital marketers working with us for catering Social Media Marketing,

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