Explore yourself, dream big & make yourself committed towards your goals


In this workshop, you will be tasked to explore yourself through a series of activities & engagements and you will be guided in a step-wise manner so YOU can re-write your own story

Day - 1

Know Yourself

Day - 2

Explore Yourself

Day - 3

Embark on your Jouney

What's in it for you?

  1. Express Yourself: You will be direction to express yourself convincingly
  2. Self-Reflection: An activity around self-reflection will help you understand the impact YOU can create in YOUR life
  3. Your Excuse to life? Together we will understand what's stopping you?
  4. Dream Big: Everybody want to convert their dreams into reality, we will explore it in different way
  5. Your Goals: Your real goals will be identified through a series of engaging activities
  6. Pick you Pen: You will be tasked to document a new story for Yourself with much more clarity and solutions to your excuses.

About the Trainer

Syed Faizan Ahmad is a Business Strategist. He holds a 10 years progressive experience on driving results from Business Strategies.

Commercial delivery is his forte and he has helped companies through implementing Business Strategies in driving results. He has helped customers from Power, Oil & Gas, Cement, Mining, Textile, Industrial OEM’s, Fertilizers Sector in increasing their productivity & reducing downtime through Integrated Business Solutions.

Apart from his deal making contributions he also holds expertise in optimizing OPEX through Multi-Million Dollar Value Savings Projects by Integration of Supply Chain through Strategic Supply Chain Planning.

During his career span he got associated with Fortune 500 companies & his contributions have helped companies not only to add Multi-Million USD Margins through new commercial deals but also reduced their overall operating cost in multi-Million-dollar digits.

Faizan has been a motivational speaker for the past 12 years and his dream is to help people in realizing their true potential, he believes in team work and has been a firm believer of synergy throughout his life. He has been a Global Volunteer Leader for American Society of Mechanical Engineers for 06 years from 2008-2014 in which he has served the Global Engineering community through multiple leadership roles.

So, join me in Re-Writing you Story an interactive workshop at Let's Rise to begin a new innings for YOURSELF and give more MEANING to YOUR LIFE because its YOUR LIFE

So why waiting? THINK yourself re-defining your path, correcting your direction, energizing yourself for being more positive in life, re-assessing yourself to reach your true potential & I can tell you ONE important thing, it’s a wonderful reality for me & it can be yours too!

So, join me on Re-Writing your Story an interactive workshop at Let’s Rise to begin a new innings for YOURSELF and give more MEANING to YOUR life because it’s YOUR Life, no body can write a Better story for YOURSELF except YOU!


PKR 2,000/- (per participant)

Dates : 27, 28 & 29 Jan-2020 (Online LIVE session, 1.5 hour/day)

7.00PM to 8.30PM (PST)

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