Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is a primary need in today's society. we need to stop neglecting half our population and help them grow, watch them reach their true potential. 

Women empowerment according to me is not about a competition between men and women and it certainly does not mean hating men, that is a misconception that needs to be set aside. Women empowerment calls for women to stand up for themselves and take charge, stand as equal to men, in their own respective ways. 

Women empowerment calls for women being taught about their rights, especially here in Pakistan where most women are unaware of their basic rights related to marriage, divorce, finance etc. All of these are essential for a women to know where she truly stands and really own up to the pedestal that Islam has set her upon. 

We need to highlight how people should raise their children, both girls and boys because it will be these kids who grow up to become part of the society that dictates the dynamic. Daughters should be taught self worth and how their education and career goals are just as important as a son's who must be taught to respect every female out there even if their not related to them and normalize emotional and empathetic responses from men which includes them expressing and being a helping hand for women. 

Men need to understand that women being empowered is not a threat to them but a saving grace. For instance most men, husbands and fathers are so stressed these days because of the burden on them of raising a whole family and supporting house holds, wouldn't things be easier for them if women were able to support their families as well. How does that act as a disadvantage to anyone? Jo bhi wo kamayegi wo apne ghar pe saath mein hi tou lagayegi. 

We're here highlighting over these things because as women, we know that we understand the struggles each one of us faces throughout life so who better to help women than another woman? Aren't we too mature to believe women only hate and despise each other. That's an ancient belief and its about time we rise with positivity and learn to love each other with open and full hearts. Trust me, all our lives would be considerably easier if women truly become the support for each other instead of bringing each other down. 

With the current situation of Covid and everything else that's going on, its a very stressful situation but it also gives us plenty time to ponder over how things work. It gives us the chance to make our husbands realize how much we'd love if they helped us out in the kitchen while we slave away in this extreme hot weather as they sit at home 24/7. It allows us to spend more quality time with our in-laws and realize that these relationships are also very sacred and important. 

All of us want to see a change in the world, to see women rise up but we need to be the change we wish to see in the world so start from your home, start from yourself. 

Remember that all women are strong beyond the credit they're given and can overcome and tackle anything life throws at them so be proud that you are a woman and own up to it!!